Friday, 20 February 2015

Ford Mustang (Not a supercar, but an Muscle American Icon)

When we went to Disney World.
The first thing I asked my daddy was 'daddy what hire car have we got?'
He said 'just a very small chicken chaser'! which is his Devonshire way of saying tiny & boring.
But I was amazed and excited when I found out it was a Ford Mustang.
BUT. I was very sad that it wasn't a GT! (Daddy is a bit like James May!!)
But I was happy that is was a convertible in BLACK!
Our V6 Mustang Muscle Car
The front is the best part of the mustang

The V6 Lion under the bonnet
The roof on, it came off in no time, very good.
Daddy let me Rev the engine, I loved it.
I loved the car, the engine sound was like having a Lion roaring under the bonnet.
It looked fearsome but beautiful at the same time.
The downside: The interior was revolting and plastic was everywhere. Sorry Ford.
But I did love this car, especially when my dad put his foot down with the roof off. 
ROWS FACTS: Daddy should have got the Shelby Mustang like the one in the film 'Need for speed'!