Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rowenas Supercars American & Classic Car Show Video filmed at Plymouth Hoe, Route38 Car Club

This is my very first video for Rowena's Supercars, I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it. A big thank you to all the owners who let me interview with them
and let me sit in their fantastic cars.
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Also I would love some comments on my video.
Thank you very much Rowena.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Today I'm going to 'The American & Classic Car Show' in Plymouth

Will let you know what I find and see if I can do a video!

Just had a great day with the classic American cars, but I also found some Italian.
look out for my video report.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Breaking News


Mark Tregenna of Carrs Dealership Exeter will let me do a video interview him about his most favorite Ferrari.
Plus a few my space!! It's going to be amazing!

The V12 of a Ferrari Berlinetta :)

Ferrari Exeter

Ferrari Exeter

Today I went to Carrs Ferrari dealership in Exeter.

I found a F40 Supercar worth £1,000,000!
It's going to take me a long time to save my pocket money for that!!That's a lot of Feeding the dogs, unloading the dishwasher and room tidying I'll need to do!!

While I was there I saw many great Ferrari's but also I got to build my own Ferrari 488GTB, with help from Claire. You can tell them what the specs are that you want for your car and the computer shows you what it will look like.

While I was there I saw a 458 in a bright yellow.

ROWS FACTS: Did you know the first ever Ferrari was in this yellow, not red!

Visit to Porsche Centre Exeter

On my trip to Exeter, I also visited The Porsche Centre and I found Richard Hammond's car.

The 911 Carrera GTS
At the front it looks a beetle!
The girl at reception told me that once Richard Hammond was rushing home to go to his daughters birthday party and he got stuck in traffic. He was so stuck that he just got out of his 911 and left it there and ran off to his daughters birthday.

At the back it looks like a roaring supercar.

This is my uncle Mike's car, his is in grey and older.



Today I'm off to 'Carrs' Ferrari Dealer in Exeter to see what fantastic cars they have in.
They are always very nice to me, last time they let me sit in a Ferrari 'Italia'.
Soon I hope to get permission to do a video interview with them to find out what they think is their favourite Ferrari and why.
Keep you posted!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ferrari London

Ferrari London


Just a skip down the road from the Lamborghini showroom is the Ferrari Showroom, everyone was very nice to me they even showed me the classic car above. 
I love the color and it was owned by an actress called Jayne Mansfield, also owned by a guy who plays the guitar called Eric Clapton. (my dad says he is very famous).

ROWS FACTS: This car is one of only 200 ever built.

Me in a V12 Berlinetta. I love it, 'Daddy can you buy me one?' They say the sound of this car is amazing'.

Thanks Ferrari London I WILL BE BACK!
And next time I will be doing a video.

Lamborghini London


My First trip to Lamborghini London.

I was very lucky to get in the door, they don't let just anybody in! You need to ring the door buzzer to get in.

My Favorite Lamborghini the 'Aventador' Roadster

The 'Huracan' I love the style and the color.

A big thanks to Gail for being so nice and telling me to follow my dreams.

I'LL BE BACK that's for sure and I'm looking forward to doing an video interview with the Lamborghini showroom geek!

ROWS FACTS: My Dad has two Lamborghini Tractors on his farm, plus did you know that Lamborghini made tractors before cars.