Saturday, 19 March 2016

Bugatti Veyron spotted in London and how EXCITED is Rowena's Supercars

Hello, this is the Blue Bugatti Veyron I spotted for Rowena's Supercars! It's a dream come true to find one of these amazing cars. There I was just walking down the street in London and it just took my breath away!

The worlds youngest car show presenter at just an 9 year old with a DREAM to bring you the best supercars in the world.

Watch me in this my 13th video for Rowena's Supercars; in this film, you'll see the amazing Bugatti Veyron; where I'll be giving you some of the specs and also a insight into this game changing supercar. A BIG THANK YOU to the street of  London, and most of all the owner for buying it and leaving it parked in front of me! I hope you'll all enjoy watching the Veyron as much as I enjoyed filming it.

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Thank you very much Rowena.

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